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Corporate Yoga and Wellness – Need or Must?

A trendy thing right now in companies is the “corporate wellness” movement, a fancy way of saying monitoring or actually holding your employees to account for their well being. But does it hold any credence? Does it actually even work?

Harvard says it does…sort of.

They likened corporate wellness programs to that of training programs or employee reviews or any other company administered program; some are successful and others are not and it all really depends on how they are designed and executed. 

And the key takeaway is really how are these wellness programs integrated into the workplace? Is it really just a surface level movement masquerading as a wellness shifting movement or does the company really take on healthy living and an employees well being as a lifestyle both at the company and out?

So what do you do?

Building a culture of health within your company, the leaders and all the employees. When the notion of healthy living is integrated in every part of the business, the corporate wellness movement is not even a moment or a policy or a procedure but just becomes a way of being.

One of the key drivers in the corporate wellness movement is bringing corporate yoga to the work place. Heart Alchemy Yoga which offers Corporate Yoga in Los Angeles advised us of the carefully curated programs that vary based on the needs and dynamic of each company. While they focus on yoga, items like meditation and breathing exercises are also part of packages to bring a comprehensive way of being to their corporate programs. The programs are also designed to fit in with the schedules of the employees by having lessons before, during lunch or after work hours so that all employees can attend and participate.

The Takeaway

Corporate Yoga, like all other business movements, depends on how they are introduced, integrated and embraced.

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