Removing The Impact of Gaming and Video Editing on Your Back

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Desk Job? Do these Exercises to Keep a Healthy and Happy Back

Today we study two hobbies or industries – gaming and video editing – and we look through how these very desk, focus intensive domains impact peoples backs.

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Video Editing and Gaming

In Hollywood, King of Films, we observe intensive the best video editing  and visual effects services that allow for people to make said films. The kicker is the people behind these industries spend all day hunched over. The best video editors take hours and hours of film and cut them to minutes of footage, creating content that is compelling and conveys the story or message that they are intending to speak too. The same goes with visual effects (AKA VFX) artists have to go through pixel by pixel to create an image, scene or take that is professional and falls in line with the story boarding that is created by the writer and director.

In addition to being very long hours, it requires 100% attention of the editor or VFX artist and what you typically notice is they hunch over as they get very involved in the work that is being created.

The same thing with Gaming occurs. Gamers, especially professional gamers, require them to typically be seated and provide hours and hours of intensive focus to what is at hand. With every detail and even a second making a difference in a game being won or loss, you typically see the body posture hunched over with a slight lean forward.

So what to do?

  1. Get Up and Stretch every Hour
  2. Plank every morning
  3. Get a chair that supports your back
  4. Make an effort to sit up straighter and notice body language
  5. Shift poor existing habits of eating (keep energy up and with that your body language)
  6. Create a schedule

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